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Vampires of the Chronicles

the vampire connection, online

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Welcome to 'Vampires of the Chronicles.'

I, Lestat de Lioncourt will attempt to bring my companions together over this wondrous medium - The Internet.

You are probably wondering why I'm doing this. It doesn't seem that surprising to me - always wanting and needing to reach out to my beloved ones worldwide. Vampire telepathy, whilst accurate within a local area, is easy to misinterpret when used to contact others at great distances.

Then, this ... machine ... came along. The computer in itself was amazing enough, but suddenly I find I can connect to EVERYONE I HAVE EVER KNOWN WITHIN A FRACTION OF A SECOND! Vampire powers are nothing compared to this! It fascinated me so much I ended up buying all my immortal and mortal friends computers and intenet packages - just so we could meet in AIM. I could be in touch with mortals worldwide that I loved, and not need to be near them to be tempted by that disabling need for blood.

Ah, the magic of modern machinery. If you went back to tell the mortal Lestat what would happen in 2004 - that we would have so much at our fingertips, he would never have believed you! In fact, he would have believed you mad and thrown you in the village stocks.

The memories of France and my home return to me now - and I can close my eyes and see the Lord of the Castle sitting by the fire next to his mother, and of course the dogs! I will never forget those massive dogs!

This is my community. Like a virtual castle that I alone hold the keys to. As such, you will remember to be courteous at all times. If I find someone being deliberately rude to my guests I will not only ban you - but most probably come around to eat you as well.

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!