Затерявшийся во времени (anger_lonely) wrote in vampiremayhem,
Затерявшийся во времени

Salute from The Russian Fraternity of Vampires!

Hello! I am from Russia. I am member of The Russian Fraternity of Vampires. I was glad to join this community now. Everything that I want to tell to Anne Rice is on my page on LJ. My journal's name is "Epistles to Anne Rice ". The letter for the fans of Anne Rice is present there also. I think, I shall ask to forgive me for mine English still long time. I have read all The Vampire Chronicles. By the way, I consider film "Queen of the Damned " as an awful thing. But I love film IWTV.
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you are not the only one who thinks queen of the damned is a awful movie.I think the more I see it the more I wish death upon it. I also hated the movie Dragula 2000 are something like that it was just a really bad vampire movie.
what is The Russian Fraternity of Vampires????
im obsessed wit vampires and live in australia, just want to know...